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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

A Dose Of Afternoon Silence

Watch as my petal shaped tears drip the floor
Blood red, as I roll for hours staining the pillow
Always awaiting just the constant reminder of you as you pass by with three sealed kisses
Today you never came

Choking I grasp at my throat, this is where she starts
The fountain that runs uphill and spills from my eyes
Why does the watch hoax me?

No-one feels as tender to the touch as you
As my fingers brush your neck

As the lips lace together I dedicate my voice delicately to you
Speaking all I wish for in that instant
If only you could hear,
I miss you
I'm do anything for you
Will tomorrow bring you a step closer?

I feel you slipping away
I'm slowly fading from your attention
Void of emotion

She is glittering perfection

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