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A Love We'll Never Live

Diego: I'm a fool, nothing more
Who's just living a lie

Luisa: Just a man, who's afraid
Will I ever know why?

Diego: She gave me her trust
And I betrayed her

Both: There a questions that fear cannot deny.

Both: How can (s)he love me?
How can (s)he ever feel
That (s)he can trust me?
That my love is my real
Is this a gift that we can never give
Is this a love we'll never live?

Luisa: If we live with regrets
We're not living at all.
Will the fear of betrayl ever fade?

Diego: A chance that is lost
For a liftime
Just a moment

Luisa: A choice we never made
Yet will I ever know the heat at night?

Diego: How can we live alone at night?

Luisa: And will I ever share the morning light?

Diego: Or ever share the morning night?

Luisa: Is this a gift that I can never give?

Diego: Is this a gift we will never give?

Both: Is this a love we'll never live

Diego: I could try to be there when she needs me

Luisa: When will he see?
All I need is a sign

Diego: I could be all she dreams
Play the part

Luisa: Right from the start
Tell me how did he know

Diego: But I know in the end

Luisa: Why did he leave?

Diego: Would she believe me?

Luisa: Don't ever leave me

Diego: Am I right? Too late to reach her heart

Luisa: Never too late

Both: Don't keep us apart!

This is a promise we can never make
This is a silence we can never break
A twist of fate
How can our hearts forgive
This is a love we'll never live

For the dream in my heart
I could never forgive
Is a love that we will never live

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