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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

A Weak Voice

The dice is cast, we must to play.
He'll be the master of his game!
The step is done, no turning back.
We'll give to him what he deserve.

We are the weak voice of germany.
Silently we wait our destiny.
Forced to acclaim, prouds and braves
The man that will lead us
... into the grave ...

Gloria perpetuam to our ruin!
Eternal life to our pain!
Blessed be the crowd and its splendid parades
Under the sign of a man and its rave.

We must be strong! we must be day and night!
Knell down to hitler and his psychotic mind!
He'll be the star on this delirious stage.
The madman that will lead us all
... into the grave ...

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