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All In The Family

Take a sleeper take a red Â- eyed plane
Take a powder take a freeze
Take a vow of silence
`cause they `ve got you on your knees
There are keepers there are throw Â- aways
He`s got up his sleeve
There`s a smell of violence
You can feel it on the breeze

He keeps it all in the family
All in the family

You can make a deal with a reachable wheel
Make a future with your hands
You can make your peace with Jesus
You can make it while you can
Be a big man
Be a daddy
Be a leader of the band
Be an institution
Be a man with the plan

But keep it all in the family...

And it`s no secret how the mighty
Hide and pull the strings
You`re in so deep they`re right you know
You`ll never get to say a thing
They`ll never let you say a thing
And it`s all in the family

(Just like brother to brother)
and it`s all in the family....)

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