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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

And The Grief Goes On...

Maybe in time we can see how the world began
Breaking the arms of the patrón Americans
Lo and behold we're as saintly as we pretend
Means is of no consequence, let's get to the end
We're so silly and change our minds
But nothing's really at stake but time

Hey there's a gun in your face and it's serious
If you don't know you can ask any idiot
What do you know it seems we might end up content
Not that we want
We know we're not that innocent

We're so silly and change our minds
We're two steps back
We'll leave us behind
Learning from our own mistakes
Takes longer than we care to

It's a tough one to gauge
You know we're not gonna change
We'll never turn this around
So treat it like it's a phase
Some uncomfortable stage
That we'll never face down
And sweat out
Because we barely know that we'd give enough to close to
Whatever the committment that's required

We are leaving plenty
You suffer for the sake
Hey we all make mistakes
Even though not even sober
Even if we start all over
In some strange way we're safe
Not that far from

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