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Darling, lady-love,
You know what pain is,
Yeah babe,
If I've ever fell this way,
If I know the taste
Of my tears,
It's all because of you?
Oh girl,
I don't know if my tares
Make you smile,
But your smile
Makes my tears?

So a smile for a tear but
Your smile's worth it,
So if I ask for a dance,
Maybe in my bed or yours,
Tonight or tomorrow,
I don't care but give me
What you gave me,
One last time?

You're a sunshine,
If the rain is falling,
Let me be an umbrella
For you,
Oh how cute?
Well I'm trying?
Oh girl
If all these guys are
Looking at you,
I'm not jealous?
I'm just glad that you're

And you can only be
In one bed at time

So sorry guys?

You're an angel, please stay my angel,
Get out of my dreams, and make my life become the dream,
Like an angel can do, can make, should do, should make
With a guy with me

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