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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


The shades reflecting what I see, walking in an empty room.
Looking at this weathered wall, imagining a different view.
And I can't touch, let alone feel for you,
I've been through too much to find something new.

Just looking out for better, puts it in a letter,
Then she moves the antenna.
Can't have moved it far away, a hero for just one day,
Then she moves the antenna.

A crack runs even through the wall, such a mess to cover up.
The night progresses endlessly, maybe I could change my luck.
I could buy photographs to hide these cracks,
But I was supposed to leave this room intact.

Afraid to let it weather, I can't watch it sever,
Then she moves the antenna.
Need a better fiction to clear out the picture,
Till she moves the antenna.
Looking for improvement, I'm still trying to prove it,
Let me move the antenna.
I've got to get closer, he knows that he wants her,
I've got to move the antenna.

Walking the bridge,
I wanted to live,
You did it all.

I made a wish,
You gotta crash,
You make the call.

I've just made a wish,
She's such a dish,
She feels so small.

I made a wish,
When I was a kid,
I'd have it all.

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