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Anticipation Of Death

Dark! Pestilence!

Graveyard full of meat
Graveyard full of death
Eaten by the worms
That is our end
The end is near
Slow agony and fear

It, it kills me!
Tumour grows in me
Takes my dreams away
I lonely rot on bed
I dream 'bout life

Hour by hour
Closer to end
Can't catch a breath
Goodbye my friends

Death is the beginning
A hope for better life
Now I know the meaning of death and the meaning of time

Life is full of lies
Death is only truth
Who believes in Satan
That's his own business

Live is agony
Full of pain and cries
Who believes in God
That's his own business

Dark! Pestilence!

So don't you ever think
I will live forever
'Cause life is frail
We will die

We must believe it.
Never forget it
The life is short
And all will rot

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