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Archors Away

I'm waiting for the words to come around
In this small tobacco town
And im hating every second of this shit
Im far too involved to quit
But the radio keeps playing on and on

What in the world were you thinking?
This ship were sinking is going down
And the water were taking on is too much to bear
Too much to bail out
Captain, captain- please save me, save me
The need is dire, love for hire
And the drunken liars make me want to scream

And I'm jaded by the ones who mean the most
But I'm talking to your ghost
And I'm fading, like all the lies you put up with
And the table starts to shift
But the one i love is moving on and on

Down to the wire, i admire- this talk is tired
It makes me want to see inside her- smoke and fire-

I'm sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the right time for someone to come and carry me home

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