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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


Yet another black mark to soil our history
Skin deep lies the emerald curse we brought this adversary to our shores (unknown final breath)
Haze draws we fall into unknown territory
A bleeding respite

Forseen your form has fractured

We're all under the bomb
I see a need to avenge (my restoration, see my deepened resolve)
Watch the Centrepoint fall down and pierce the vein of cosmetic capitol

Our time is nigh, our veins have run dry

Home volatile, hope breeding, home entrenched
To sleep in fear of prophecy amongst my enemies
To settle oppose and readdress amongst these friends

Bring us their heads
(I've reclaimed my sovereignty from a nation severed from hands)

Forging a benchmark that soon will no longer apply
They formulate/contradict new ways to educate the ideals of liberty

It seems like no one wants to or is willing to write about the state of the world anymore. Instead of looking oversees about who is going to attack we should be looking at the corrosion within, it's going to affect us a lot quicker. Not just from the perspective of government but in daily life, the way we all relate to one another. WE write this and feel justified that we've made a difference without doing anything at all. We attend a show/rally and believe we are socially aware just for hearing and attending yet we remain static. And in the end all we can do is blame ourselves for being lead to believe this is our only power.

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