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As Wise as the Skywise

Woden - Allfather:
Mine's the might o'er all the mighty,
friend to friends, foe to foes be I known
Slouch-hat and Greybeard; names
among many as the shapes that I own
One eye lone adorn my features
thus limited be I in sight
Therefor fly my 'thought and memory'
fly the worlds - dark wings, dark night

Soaring in ethereal heavens,
sailing on the welkin high
Cast by omnipotent wingspans,
silhouettes against the sky
Travellers on threads transcendental,
Ebon, avian scouts, ravens fly!
Tho' born on high, airborne still higher
yet this journey's far to fare
Cease thus flight, rest as quills tire,
pause a moment when wings wear
'Neath caws and clamour his cause to fail;
a wide-eyed scarecrow stands
dumbfounded there

A guarding, tattered meadow man
how can he ever scare
birds of a celestial clan

What are these which chase the air
in raven-black, with eyes that glare,
who cloak in shape same midnights wear
Tell ye twain whence thee came
Whom with dark play hide and seek,
appear with feather, wing and beak
I know as such should not, yet speak
Come ye twae reveal thy names

Thought and Memory:
Eke many a word from what have
straw 'neath his hatbrims
Much like those in whose coat standeth clad
That which we are thou can't imagine
What beest thou tell instead

- Tatterdemalion!

To guard this field, white crops to yield
from birds like thee that fly,
of man I'm made, for man I work;
The scarecrow am I!

So spoke the scarecrow, pride-dyed
each word of his task momentous
and of the laudable man he served
thus much virtuos

Thought and Memory:
Little thou knowest o' simpleton
tho' perhaps much for such mind
We'll get thee of thy high horses, still
that a 'mare's nest' thou shalt find
This metewand with wich the midgardians
thou measure we severly gainsay
For they're worth but a farthing on our
tounges as thou art when speak they

Intelligent indeed they're growing,
faith blind on their brains they pin
Yet thinking be their undoing,
insanity is wisdoms kin
The one the other will devour,
(when the weaker lose the stronger win)
Sword and shield may suit their kind true,
gone beserk they wear a fit vest
But thought and thinking will dight undue,
up-hung that garb arrays the best
This naked ape's supremacy
be impertinent when undress'd

The animal within them all
upon their 'high-brow' quest
will finally be their fall

Be this fact these woeful words,
that thou speak, of which I've heard,
or falderal to taunt and gird?
The last I woo to be true
The man I serve, servant to be
that serves as model in turn to me,
be as claimed most impossibly
This too I pray shalleth be true

Thought and Memory:
Take our words and know their value
on the day when they show true
Remember then the wise whom skies flew
Who thou art and serve speak anew

- Tatterdemalion!

To guard this field, white crops to yield
from birds like thee that fly,
of man I'm made, for man I work;
The scarecrow am I!

As he hath spoken again will he speak
for as far as he e'er see;
Silly or stupid or narrow-minded
man can ne're be

Woden - Allfather:
A day will come yt augurs ill,
in this have I saying nor will
When wefts within the 'Web of Wyrd'
of twilight tell, long hath it near'd
Thou seest I'm sure by midgard hand
will be undone the midgard land
As ours and others furthermore
'till nothing be yt was before

Down at these meadows yet these day
stands our scarecrow ever so tall
Still in man is his faith tho' suspicion
is farish within him withall
Foolish or erudite is not for him
to decide yet he must agree
that as wise as the 'skywise'
man can never be
(He can never be)

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