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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


Tired of this existence, arise from human vice
Call upon the ancients, assume the change
Revive the potent magics, leave the soul in wait
Ritual performance, assume the change

Risk reward, enduring power
Shedding skin, affliction
Rise from ashes, becoming strong
Leave regret, ascension

Preparing for the moment, atone for all the sins
Absorbing earthen power, assume the flame
Gathering the tools, deterred no mortal clash
Hasten to the end, assume the flame

Bathing in the blood of the living sacrifice
Gorging on the flesh, consumed to appeal
Leaving only hearts, final stage is met
Transform from the living, immortal entity

Ritual once started, no turning back
Rise among the human, assume the bane
Enact as the leader, towering cloud of blood
To rule eternity, assume the bane

Risk reward, engulfing power
Shedding skin, intention. Rising levels, becoming enormous
Human vessel, ascension

Flesh is just the vessel, no longer human form
Beguiling demons, assume the pain
Beyond expectations, better to be dead
Live the life of madness, assume the pain

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