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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


Wicked land, where is the future, I will wander about the world
As long as I live or secure the objects I reach the heaven on this world or I die

I feel like a wonder - worker, I feel I could to change the world
I hope I am the chosen one and I'll bring the light to this land

I need to go by the mountains, by the forests, by the rivers and seas
I need to go that to search my life, escape from the death and seeking the light

I create my own reality and it will be for other people
When I'll access to the end of my way I'll change the future of human beings

[Solos: Pajak]


[Solo: Vitt / Solo: Pajak]

No sympathy, sex and outrage, endless fights, people will never change

[Solo: Pajak]


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