Millones de Letras de canciones y videos
Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

I felt sadness - one i couldn't overcome
A wretched madness i think i've had enough
All the tears have fallen from disappointed eyes
I don't deserve this oh (how i tried)

Followed you through all these years
Supported you in your career
Went out of my way to defend you
Left with nothing but a big f*&% you

I'll take my chances with someone else
But i want you to know just how it felt
To be left all alone
A true conformist (i should have known)

Do you know what you've done to provoke me
So lost in greed that you can't see
I believed in what you said
Preached your gospel and was misled
Meaningless words that you lived by
Our love you can't disguise
Your new look your new life
I see right through your lies

I'm the last link on the long chain
That whips the massive beast
I'm the distant cry you hear at night
From the pain that can't be eased
The small voice that whispers
Carried away by the wind
The leper, the outcast, a mutant
No one believes in.

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