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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Basics 101

I said to her:
I swear it happened again today.
I swear I thought I saw you.

Well it must be a sign she replied

Well even if it was you I'd never believe
Just keep that reminder
I paid with him taking you
Made one in glue...
It was a contract
You said you'd call if you need anything
And I had to call you for everything

And we didn't
Say a thing...
No we didn't
Say a thing

So we meet up five years later
And I still have that soft spot for you
And you still remember
I'm glad you remembered
'Cuz there was nothing left for me to hold on to

(No we!)
Didn't (didn't!)
Say a thing
No we didn't (didn't!)
Say a thing

Lets take back to the basics
Who'd a guessed?
I'm back won't feel like second base

I will cross them out
I will cross you out
And then I'll X myself out
X myself out..
(Lets take this back to the basics
And I'll be waiting forever...
And she's out with all the other ones)

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