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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Bird's I View

So many times, you took the time, to sit down & explain
So I thank you for my life, filled with memories of love so engrained
So I thank you Grandma, Marva, Christalia & yet too many to name
Cause the simplicity of life is so complex,
That many a youths go astray, but now me

Check it with a Bird's I View, now me sight it with a Bird's I View
Now me check life from a Bird's I View, so to you I say thank you (2x)

All my life I've been blessed, with heartical bredrens yea
That looked out for me, even when their advice cause me pain, but
Through it all yea, our bonds never budged yea
So I give thanks to you for helping me, become the man, who I am, now me


Mother at 15 too young, to deal with life's struggles yea
And everywhere, every time, trouble there right in your face
But you showed me light, Mamma you gave me life
So I give thanks to you for all, your wonderful advice


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