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Bloodletting Upon The Cloven Hoof

As blood stains soil underneath the rejects of the light
Everything that stands shall burn in fear of the dark lord

In this rage of storm I hear the pouring drops of blood
Entrance to these shadows of the devil
Towers of light fall into this endless abyss
As monoliths of black arise

This fear now bleeds the storm,
like flames engulfed in darkness
Passing days of despair restless
in these hours of suffering
These sharps claws of death yearn
for this warm crimson touch
Swarms rage as demon hordes
rip forth from my chest

Warm red streams explode beneath my hands
Moments closer to death to be swallowed into black
Embrace this deception for birthright in self-pain
Reborn as a shadow in the black inside the fires of hell

The bloodlettings of suicide flood onto
the cold dark inside the mind
Drowning in the soft flames of hell
within this the scent of decay
A voice of fire from within the sleep of shadow
This place of weeping for the children of the light

I am absorbed in the drowning of
fire inside the catacombs of hell

Enslaved by the scythe of Azrael with hallowed souls
The thirteen now await the black serpents, bringer of death
These children of the light lie silent in the dark
This sea of blood for joining in spirit descent

Shroud of ruin within this scourge of bloodshed
Rage in tainted blood that blinds all of the light
Entrance to this embrace inside deception
Elegies of lament for the thirteen children of the dark

Lying still, Satan opens the dark
I embrace deceit, whispers unto the dark
Voices fall silent as ghosts of their screams
Throbbing pulse of this becoming as
the blade cuts through flesh
Echoing this haunting curse of cloven whispers

I am the depths of hell
I call out from the blood
Up from the darkness
I call out from hell

I am dead in this world
A flood of death in blood
Commanding this death that light has bled
Abyss is open within me
I purge this sea of blood
Symbolized in agony through this praise of the blade

Awakening the Impure as we drink
their blood in the name of the dark
Where I am drowned by the blood of hell

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