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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


We share some history,
And so do you and she - I see now
I'm tryin to leave the past and you can help
But you don't see how?

The things you do and say
Reflect the way you lack

Respect for me, respect for her -
You're lacking both of these,
Where are your boundaries?
I thought we were friends and then you fell
Under competition's spell, now I can't face you

I came between your friendship and
There's nothing I can say to bring you back
The time I took away
You show me how it felt, a knife inside my back
All I ask is - watch who you attack

You tread on more than what you know
You play too hard
You've got to draw the line somewhere
and be the friend you are
I'd do the same for you y'know
Because I've got respect for the relationship
That you've already got

I can be happy with you being happy with her
All I ask you do - is act like I am there
Cause she won't stop you from saying what you say
Hey, stop yourself and put it on a shelf because?

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