Millones de Letras de canciones y videos
Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Boy Oh Boy I Aint No Wiz Kid

I think she broke her water this time, I never said it was safe out side for this kid, you're a bastard, extract him now that the mother is a lifeless case. You know her well, she's out all night on the street, shake that ass girl! Shake it you shake it so good it's just so wrong all you're fault she's so good I let my self go. On the down low when we saw her we herd her say. Hey there I got something to make you shout. That's what you always say, brother she's a slut don't touch her, keep your hands to your self. Wash your hands you're playing with your self. Wow! There's some one in the closet watching, I hope you feel dirty, shame on you, yea! There's some one in the closet watching I hope you feel dirty. Abandon the room, the devils asleep in your bed, this is my final announcement, keep you're fucking eyes in your skull

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