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Burn In The Hell

Burn in the Hell

When I was Just one
Little child, hurt me
But what fuck I done to you ?
If you don´t like me
You can suck my fucking cock
You said so many things
But to me, it was just shit
Remember that name
What I scream to you
When I was a kid ?
Now he is back to kick you !!
Burn in the hell bitch !
All what you teach, for me
Was just shit
All the test what you done
Ours ever was the harder one
I´ll fuck ´till you mother
That fat bicth just like you !
I never know her, but
She should be so fucked like you
Now I´m bigger
I can say what I want
Now I have my band
I´ll kick you, you even gonna have the chance
To take out my dick
From your fat mouth, bitch !
Say hello to your past again sucker !

So wrong,
Bitch you teach so wrong,
I don´t want go on
Living in this world
Living in this world with you...( 2x )

For the things what you done
I have one word to say
The harder word
What I have to say is SUCK
You know what you
Have to suck..my cock
Is waiting for you,
Burn in the hell
I´ll be well
Sit down bitch
How could you ?
How could you leave us alone
In the class ?
What´s the problem ?
I´m to loud for you ?
( shut fuck up )
Now you will finally
Hear me out !!


What a fuck you have versus me ?
Son of a bitch !
Burn in the big bastard !!
Burn in the hell
If you look to me
( screw you ! Fuck you ! )
Remember when I fall down
Of the chair, you laught and make funny of my face ?!
That was funny wasn´t ?
That was funny wasn´t ?!!
Who gonna laught now is me
Nobody can hear you
You really fuck me !
I wont forgot what you done to me
Shut fuck up !
Don´t lie to me !
Don´t look to me !!
Your eyes burn in me
You are the next to burn
Burn in the hell fat bitch !!


Shut fuck up !!
And bleed bitch, bleed !
Bleed bitch, bleed !
Bleed bitch, bleed !
Sit down ! And shut fuck up !!

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