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Canibal Coast (inglés traduccion)

Canibal Coast

Stopit Moonlight
no roaning waves
Dont Swallow me up so roughly
Swaying to the beat , not even listening at time.
Dont Levae It Up to my body now..

A situtaion where you want it
And Warnings are ignored but ,
if we are gonna make an ideal deed
a slow pace is useless

feel it once more
the surging black shore
are washing and sweeping away
are not cocktail lights just fine?

Look out¡ surrounded by clouds I see in the sky
Pleasent limitations and Your HEart Beat
Let it take effect , let yourself get hoocked on love

is falling in love a must?
If Im captivated Is not that good enough?
to put into words is sensless¡vulgar¡

shall we step up the libido and go?
One summer day is colour
right now could be the crest
clear brightness everywhere

thrilling waves and winds and habits and...

Rain and

A rough sea , The two of us have come
quite far out onto(into)
if I Glance over there , at my side


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