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The Buayla Roockie now you want to sing
oh baby!!
q and where you want you are you will hear q
please listen.

Do not listen if your mind is your heart feels the q
q inside your belly is a present from my pedazito,
now this mercy,
q I heard your soul needs and loves me
xq q buay am the baby girl loves you why I come to you
now this guial mercy.

Hey, I would have said you were in a state q
I do not know if any have left,
you know I love you and can not be without you
let your pride but you saw me leaving,
I envy and pursued so that you know
creistes but not in people and in my creistes
betrayal by a false made me your sufirir
and now you know the truth, let me be with you,
as you think I can sing
if I'm at my side to that makes me dream,
as you think I'm going to feel
if I'm at my side for me ... q
their abandonment by my heart cries
more dead than alive I'm in love
so the Buayla Roockie singing this song
to see if this hablanda cruel heart,
I want you dancing abrazarte
sobarte back and tell the ear
how much I love you and I have not surrendered
I'm dying because you are not Mommy.

I look back to my heart as suffering
I look back and my heart suffers.

Q Tell you do when that child grows up
and people tell you is like the Pope,
when you look at the face of my Te acordás
and the rest of your life you'll regret
when you come to study the question kieres
and I tell you not only want to sing,
I travel the world and girls win
kiero which is to be famous like my dad.

When they'll accept.
Do not listen if your mind is your heart feels the q
q inside your belly is a present from my pedazito
now this mercy,
listen to your soul that needs me and loves me
xq buay'm the baby girl who loves you
so now I come to you this guial mercy.

And if you're going to make me mourn,
and whether Elian Talk to her,
q If you are going to make me suffer,
q whether this mercy now,
do not listen if your mind is in your belly
just a piece of ....
be a little miii.

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