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Choir Of Tears

Cover my eyes from the filth and disgust
wash my soul clean of the self-centered lust
backward in time before the first sin
before the decay of a civilized man
forward in truth looking back just to know
disturb not the ebb of life's forgiving flow
learn by mistakes through the fullness of time
will truth leave a scar in our father's bloodline
All the years
fueled by fears
learn to hear
the choir of tears
Follow me into truth i will show you the way
crooked the path that we choose every day
come take my hand we will make it i swear
we shall be cleansed of the cover we wear
turn look away you will find innocence
blessed the power of our youth too soon spent
hidden inside is the child within
just let it sing that we all start to live
The path now renewed our souls are reborn
vessels as pure as the virgin snow
hold innocence as we walk through that door
not destroy or decay as we have once before
follow me now i will show you the way
learn how to make life as on the first day
refreshed and reborn filled with pleasure not pain
keep it alive, growing stronger each day

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