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Circled Areas (Make This Count)

The ability to run
Purchase love like it's ok
Conformity to judge
Break yourself from the inside out
Looking out in the crowd I see
Two vivid eyes that are searching for me
Make this count (Make this count)
Love is quite a mystery when kept secret and safe

The patience, I'm waiting
No more tries or mistakes can
I won't let this become tied
With picking up the pace and taking hold of my life
The set back is contagious
Of regrets that display us
They make us
They face us with the facts each time

It's ok girl, you can trust me
'Cause this might start to get ugly
But through all this, you're still lovely
And if you start to fall, well then, we'll go down together
But His love, is sustaining
And in His arms we'll be waiting
Cause I'm broke now
I don't know how I can save us
I can save us

At least we're holding on

I'll slowly settle down
And Hopefully this time
Settling down won't be settling for less

I'm reaching out for the stars
Arm's length of Heaven's grasp
I am making my amends
Making history of the past
I am no longer standing in the wrong direction

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