Millones de Letras de canciones y videos
Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Inner city streets to dirt road country farms
An emergency state of alert a siren sounds the alarm
A race war has erupted conflict between friends
Caught up in the raging battle siding with media trends

It's every man for himself a chaos of mass rioting
Forced to defend from your own people to kill those pirating
Division of the government political homicide
Pointing fingers at who's to blame without really knowing why

One man arose through the gray
With a consciousness unlike today's
His wisdom from dead
As he spoke this is what he said...

We call each other niggers, spics, jewish assholes,
Cracker, whitey, honkey bastards,
Yellow slant-eyed motherf*#!*#s,
Disregarding one-another
Fighting among social status,
Hifalutent, bitchy, crab-ass, middle class,
Yuppies, punks, street-walking homeless drunks,
Non-english speaking, stinking arabs, homo, lezbo,
Bi, retardos, catholic, hindu, christian, pagan...

The list of names goes on and on
Respect one another
We bleed the same color

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