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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


When the world is seeing yellow

I only see gray

When everybody sees the rainbow

I'm stuck in the rain

You take a little piece of me

Every time you leave

I don't think that I'll ever find that silver lining

Or reason to smile

You know I used to paint such vibrant dreams

Now I'm colorblind colorblind

When did my heart

Get so full of the never mind never mind

Did you know

That you stole the only thing I needed

Only black and white in my eyes

I'm colorblind

Ain't it funny that you managed

To just wash away

Even pictures that you're not in

Have started to fade

I tried to play my favorite songs

But I can't sing along

The words don't feel the same

You've taken all the best things from me

And thrown them away

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