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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Company I Keep

Now everyones getting off
Ended up in such a
Such a familiar phase
When it started
It was all so foreign to me
The company i keep

Whos taking sides?
Keeps the lights on round here
Now give me the line
Try to explain to me
How it is you sleep
The company i keep

Who youre calling cheap?
Anyone can see
That I paid thru the nose
Some couldnt see that no one ever sees, that
The company i keep

I dont mind mistakes
I go crawling back for anyone else's sake
I admit this associations bleak
The company i keep

So everyone shut yr mouths, now
Sit back and watch it
Such a smile
What an awful thing for anyone else to see
I guess thats just The company i keep
Thats the company i keep

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