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This baby on the way,
You try to keep your smile,
To try to forget this pain,
You say that you love him?

But do you think that he
Deserves your love,
When he left you without
Thinking about the baby,
Bout' how you'll make your
Life and hers?
This little girl who never asked
To live this life?

People around you,
They try to make, you smile,
To try to forget this problem,
But you still feel something
For him?

Don't think he's the man of
your life,
he's gone now and it's
better this way,
who can be cruel enough
to make you live something
like that?

Yeah he can say it was an accident,
But he was there with you when that happened,
He left you with nothing,
And you still feel something for this jerk?
I know how love is hard to control,
But listen to this true feeling in you,
That's tryin'da tell you to?
Forget this sucker?

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