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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


Always thought some day you were notice me
More than friends you were see me differently
Then I heard you're so in love with her
And now, where am I?

I'm crushed, so crushed
?Cause I always thought that it will be the two all us
And I'm dying inside
Everytime I see you walking hand in hand it's just
Makes me cry, me tears don't seem to dry
And that's why?
I'm crushed

Use to be couldn't way to talk to me
You would tell you secrets, you would
Share your dreams, you would tell everything
Only if I could, only hold you
Now it's her who let's to be your girl
And kiss? Your lips


I was getting up the nerve
To finally tell you all the things I feel for you
Now everything is wrong the chance is gone
She's come alone and ripped my dreams in two


Baby, I'm crushed
Oohh, baby I'm crushed
I'm crushed

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