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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Cuando me vaya (en inglés)

I never thought it would reach
I never thought at that time
We changed life
Without that have nothing to follow it ...
We think not changed and
As far as you forget

And you wake up one fine day
What you see everything upside down
Looking back you see your way
Whoever made your feet ...

And send kisses to everyone
Those who return to see
So many memories canned
In pictures card
In tears yesterday
At all times that your side
I waited ...

That when I go
Do not fall a tear for me
That is only friendship ...
So many dreams to remember ...

That when I go
And take the train again
And no longer between my window
That sweet smell of salt ...

That when I go ... here
From my land, my people
From my land, which I saw birth
The growth that I saw, which I saw win
And taught me to lose

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