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Daimonic Spirit

By daimonic spirit...

Master of hell
I'm here at your sign
Prepared to desecrate souls
for unholy ones

Not believing one weak word
Of thy holy creator
Died by the sword of true maniacs
Made from your mother of bastards

Possessed by the spirit of daimons
Gathered before the gates of heaven
Veiled by our shadow of pure hate
Disguised as servants of fallen angels

Father of grimness
I call your name...
Hour of darkness
Second of light

Daimons of hate
Daimons of sin
Daimons of frost
Daimons of winter

Summoned all supreme ones
Filled with melodies of destruction
A symphony of ill lies
A full loss of strange sanity

Burn the gates of bastards palace
Rape the angels of sunlight
Taint the chalice of holy water
With your blood of insane persuasion

I regard upon the ruins of Eden
Fields of sorrow and luck
The might by mother of slaughters is broken

By daimonic spirit...

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