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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Dana International

This is Saudi Arabian airport
May I have your attention please
All passengers on flight number six o sex to Monaco
Please approach to gate number two

Thank you

Take me to Monaco
Take me to Mexico
Take it to me in a taxi
I'm feeling sexy
Danna International

Take me to Paris
Kiss me, mon chéri
I have sesame
Come see my sumsum
Danna International

Wa abiba eh wa abiba ba
Wa abuba bomba bomba ba
You are the millionaire
And I have golden hair
I'm giving pussy
Come on and kiss me
Danna International

I bought it in the duty-free
Givenchy shampoo
And expensive trousers
Compact disc and telephone
Danna International

Shushu, oh Shushu
Get hot, Shushu
My heart, Shushu
Kiss me, Shushu
Come on, Shushu
Touch me, Shushu
Oh, come on!
Take me, Shushu

Ladies and gentlemen, attention please
Five minutes before landing in Ben-Gurion airport
No kiss-kiss, no necking
And no business allowed
Thank you

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