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Dead Roses

Hands to dig this prison!
My eyes can't see your fearless glances
No!!! you'll fade until the end like wilted roses
I've felt my life drain away like ever.
Like the tears of the heaven!!!
I've to bear this burden all the time...
Live your sadness now
You stole my life, you wanna see me die,
'cause you will sleep forever in your prison
No! your fake presents drove me to death!!!
My blade is sharp... i'm your raider, you are looking certainties... asking till the end
I feel the devil, inside of me
So close your eyes and let me die... it's time to say... vendetta!
I can't remember 'cause i'm feeling like shit
We haven't rest! now it's time to come back from this pit
I'm! i'm the way you are. buried!!!
I feel your touch so warmless on me, you wanna hurt me!!!
All this ties were broken by your dirty promise, meaningless!
You hide... at twilight... there you'll die...
No chance! i've already told you there is no escape
No chance! i don't care if you believe it
No chance! i can't sleep cause i'm undead
No chance! what i said is a prayer

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