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Dear My Heart

I want you to be closer for no reason
I want to know you preciously
I even changed the ringtone
Whenever I receive your calls

To the extent that the words I love you arent needed,
You are a different person to me
In the midst of the many lovers
I found you

*hey follow me the love that I showed you
I will let you know that its not all i have
So tell my boy I will wait forever
Come to me little by little, be mine

**I wish for you If you were with me today
I'll there for you I would've made you happy
Why dont you know My appearance like this,
It is love, why dont you know?

Should I say it outloud so that everyone will hear?
That I only need once person?
That I love you, that you need to be by my side
Can you hear me?

repeat *
repeat **

After time passes,
The stars that are nameless like us,
They will find a little happiness and wander around
until they are exhausted,
until they come back to where they were before

hey follow me The love that I showed you right now
I will let you know that its not all i have
You are like none other, come to me now

I pray for you Even if you dont touch my hand
So tell me boy I will shine like the stars in the night sky
As much as the warm sunlight shone
As much as you want me right now

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