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Diddy Bop


I dont know how to dance [x4]

One for the strap that i keep close
And it go blat!
No i cant dance, but i be swervin'
I just diddy bop, do the pee wee herman.
Nigga say aw, tell me where you been
I been on the block with the work tell a friend
Nigga double up everytime that i spit
Send it to houston watch it flip again,again,
Im a bird man ask baby
Shots of patrone make the girls go crazy
Ma, what cha gon do?
Im with the shakedown you can bring your whole crew.
We aint here to fight, we just wanna cut
Dip it down low, do the walk do the butt
Got my own cash and a big wheel
Fresh pair of nike's yeah i know you like me
I heard em say

Dont look for me i be in the club
Dont ask for me i been in da hood
I cant lean back i been in the club
I dont know how to snap i been in the hood

So i diddy bop, i dont know how to dance [x4]

Now hold up (wait a minute)
One yellow bottle and shit dont stop
Red café get it down for the town
Nigga stay fresh till the girls go aww
Arm and hammer man with jimmy crack corn
Gimme the crack, guess what, crack gone!
Gimme the weed ,guess what, weed gone!
Is that your chick? (shorty) she gone!
Two for the cash that i got stacked real low on the stash
See i diddy bop cuz i got bad feet
But when im on the floor all eyes on me
Then we fall through move like a mobsta
They aint like us they window shoppers
And i dont slip keeps that chopper
Down in the a on the low from the coppers


Yea brooklyn! diddy bop
Yea south side! diddy bop
Yea west side! diddy bop
Yea everybody! diddy bop

I dont know how to dance [x4]

You have just witnessed
A reefa production
Learn to love it

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