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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Dirty Cunt Beatdown

Masturbate over the crippled body on
Display before me. mangled beyond
Recognition filthy fucking
Cunt. her head now dangles from
Her broke and severed neck eyeball
Swings from its socket soon i'll
Fill with my cock limbs are
Torn and mutilated pussy splayed
And gaping open blood spurts out
Her ruptured asshole laughing as she
Starts to twitch should have seen
Her face when i began to fucking
Crush her body smash her face in
Rape and strangle pulverize grab
The ball-peen break every bone left
Entangled brutalized stomping
On her face splitting it in two
Mutilation maze horrifying view
Beat the cunt deserved to die broken
In half a lifeless pile of flesh cured
Her disease of being a filthy whore
Never to be seen or heard from again

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