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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Disciples Of Supremacy

Bringer of the dragon fog
Echoes blinded by the war - breath magick
March of the black sun
Initiate me?By your mastery
Pound for pound?unleash your chaos
War speech, powers league?Disciples of Supremacy

Ironclad with the banner
Lust reprise?Glory is life?Eater of the sun
The world holds my name eternally
If she lets me firm the grip?She's mine
Ruled beyond time
Wrath born power fortold

Circle perdition of the Weapon Storm
Awaken the winds of death
Ride with the ecstasy to cremate
As we stoke the infectious need for slavery

Hail to the hunt..Praise to fire
Enter chaos?Reigning matchless
Soothsayer?Peace free-er?Revere
Raze earth's peoples?Savage Reapers
Seize the night..Praise to Fire


Now light up the sky?terror illuminated
Wolf silhouette?A call of the conquering
Befallen Abyss rule for evermore
Twilight prophecy?wrath with scorn?
?Welcome your fear
Final Strike with a savage spear

Hail to the hunt..Praise to fire
Seize the night?Praise to fire

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