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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Divine Warrior Evolution

Lonelyness I am, in eternal search for strenght
In my coffin I shall lay, searching for knowledgement
I believe in my mind, in there I seek and find
Everything I need to live, all the pain I shall give

With friends I have, to waist all my love
But alone I hide it, and keep into my thoughts
My depraved nature, my disturbing mind
Are kept just for me, I'm the God of night

I learn from my body, and my poisoned blood
I cut my flesh for the pleasure of my own
The knife makes me feel a pain I never felt before
Thanks the ignorance to your God

Your never was in there, when everything was dark
When I felt the wounds of time
With your filanthropy, you think you're doing good
There're things a human could never understood

Now I'm connected to nature perfectly
I'm an amazing killing machine
I wonder if the others had the same luck as mine
If they don't, now they'll die

The ages passes by, as the illness in my mind
I am determinated to kill and die
The brain starts to boil, I'm changing from inside
I fell the anger, the destruction is at my sight

Forget how to forgive
Bend your knees before me

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