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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

D.J. Higgins, Chance The Rapper, ZHU

Chance The Rapper

Ice melting in my chain

Ice melting in my chain

Pretty as my hair

Ugly as my name

Dirty as my gold

Comfy as my chair

Chance The Rapper


I wonder if Gladys smiles when angels bring my name up

Or change language and subject change up

Dropping tapes 'till I losted count

Coughing out blood, dropping weight like I lost an ounce

Throwing words and tossing nouns

NY traveling, I'm Boston bound, bossing 'round homies

And talking down to shorties while I'm jotting down

Notes to spit to Harlem crowds, surfing through the Harlem crowds

At the crib I'm falling down, I'm on the floor crawling 'round

I'm calling out to God, You're little angel's falling down

Save me from my darkened cloud, reach your hands and arms around

Long time long time now since I seen your smile

We miss you

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