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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Don't Wanna Be Alone

When you're lost & all alone
nobody there 2 call your own
the days & nights are cold & endless, nowhere 2 go

When you're lost & running scared
there's no escapin' from 2morrow
u have 2 face the pain & sorrow, someday

I've been walkin' thru the streets at night
I just need a little paradise

Don't wanna be alone
I been hidin from reality
& you're all I need with me
I won't make it on my own
Don't wanna be alone

When u try 2 hide the tears
Nobody really truly knows
The anger raging in your mind, your soul.
Now have u ever tried 2 make it

Runnin' circles tryin' 2 fake it once again
There's nothin left 2 hold on 2, well I know

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