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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Down To The River

I've got a headache the size of Mississippi
But that won't stop me from getting busy
Throw your hands up high if you're with me
Well let me get right to the point, I kinda get a little over-excited at times, but it's because I've got
a smidgen of a high metabolism, and a guy like that just isn't alright, when I walk down the street,
people assume I'm either undermedicated or just heavily sedated, and I readily just state it that I'm
specially created cause it's best to be creative since the rest are just pre-dated, I'm not marketable,
not comparable, I just write till I've got carpal tunnel, far from subtle, far from supple, best in the
bar, bar none, bust all bubbles, put it simple or complex but put it how I want, in proper context, card-
carrying, barbarian, you know where I went

I went down to the river to pray
Studying about that good old way and
Who should wear the robe and crown?
Good Lord, show me the way

Wonderful music thundering through, nothing is cool but the stuff that I do, I'm one of the few with the
gumption to do something so stupid and chuck it at you, and trust that it moves you enough to make you
listen up and make you say you can't enough, trust that I'm sophomoric, just kind of ignore it, nothing's
important except for the chorus, so listen to it till you're blue in the face, forget everything stupid we
say, so listen to it till you're blue in the face, forget everything stupid I say

I'm thinking that God and God alone is the only reason that I haven't been arrested several times, my
permanent record's spotless, unless you count that hostage situation in '99 (and '98), I'm not pop, but
I'm not another offbeat off-in-the-deep-end oddball holding an ink pen, there's nothing I'll say that'll
sink in, nothing'll send you away thinking, unless the thing that you're thinking is how much you really
want a refund

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