Millones de Letras de canciones y videos
Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

I found my self today and i could not enter the grave
I hate my baby she is not a pretty face
To late to turn around for women beer and fun
I just have to go back to my horrid hun

Take me downtown x2
Take me below x2
Cmon baby
Cmon baby and ride with me
Take us downtown
Cõmon downtown

Everytime i look at her i feel so goddamn sick
She think shes so pretty but she should know what i think
I might be braindead for throwing my time away
But what the hell this is not yesterday


Like a prisoned man alone in a prison cell
I wanna be free instead of break my way through hell
Then ill find you and i take you for that ride
Downtown where the partys on all night

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