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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


They can't stop my heart
Now get the party started allright
kimgure ni makasete
It's like wonderland
Then I feel like I'm dreaming

Once upon a time
aru KADO no Fast food-ten de
Excuse me, we'll have
2 coke please
tsutomete ita onnanoko wa
kanari omoishiroi yume wo
kossori takurande ite yeah
Did you finish mopping!?
subete nagesutete mirai e
tobidashita no
Now let me sing

**They can't stop my heart
Now get a party started alright
omoi wo asu e nose
It's like wonderland
te wo nobaseba?@alright
Then I feel like I'm dreaming

Where're my ladies at??@te agetena
Clap Clap Clap
My boys Give me some love then
Clap Clap Clap
Party people tear the roof up!
Now Clap Clap Clap
We're at the point?@mada tarannai nara
Clap Clap Clap Bring it back
Bang!!! Here I come! Here I Here I come
Get up now?@minna motto odotte
Shake yo booty RIZUMU notte
(Check this out)
Let me take yo'll to the place yo'll never
been before
me wo samasu you na no hoshii n' desho?
motto EJJI kikasete koe kikasete
Just like hamming birds in
kankaku wo uruowasu?@World
See? My mind mada tomannai
datte There comes the BOOM
bunkai shite samenai you ni
All night keep up with me
Now bounce up baby to the beat
Come on

***They can't disturb us
egaita mama ni?@allnight
afuredasu omoi wo
From one's heart to heart
tsutaete yukeba?@alright
Do you wanna come in my dream?

We're going to the WEST!! (hey-yay)
Come along party people!
Come along with us babe...
So fresh & So clean
But still putting it down for the street
We say We're still in a dream...
So when you see the sun is up
kono mama zutto
Yes!! Even sing it louder!
motto kikasete ite
Let's get together! Com'on!


Well, we'll rock the house all night long

**,*** repeat

They can't stop my heart
So keep the party going allnight
nariyuki ni makasete
This is wonderland
Yeah I feel like I'm still dreaming!

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