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Dum Dum

I'm a wild child, bright child,
Knocking at your door.
You though that you are done,
But now you want me even more.
Dum dum.

I am star child, big smile,
Living in la, i'm coming over,
Baby you can't go to school today,
Dum dum,
Go to school today.

I belong to bygone era, like scarlett o'hara,
The downtown singers...
I just wanna drink, i just wanna drink.

I am a pop little singer,
Fam-bam zinger,
Man's field ringer
From the hollywood silver screen.

Into that something,
Something so beautiful,
You'll never be the same.
Born to die up fast,
Of living my world,
You'll be forever changed.

I am wild child, sky high,
Lying on your floor,
I know i had a lot,
But baby wants a little more,
Dum dum.

In my white mint pink cigarettes
From the store, we'll make margaritas,
You wanna take a shot? dum dum.

I belong to a bygone era,
Like the bugs in the long tipsy hair,
Cuz i am on the scene,
Yeah i am on the scene.

I am a bad jazz singer,
Living in the finger,
No matter what you linger,
Cuz you like me even when i am mean,
I am the queen.

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