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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Eternal Lifestyle

I See You Punks With Your Spikes,
Your Hair Dyed,
Or Maybe It's All Shaved Off
I See You Preppies With Your
V-neck Vests Over Button Downs
I See You Jocks,
You Captain of the Team
With Your Real Mean Game Face On
But the Fashion Show Can Only Last So Long

Eternal Lifestyle
I See You Really Know What Matters
Eternal Lifestyle
I'm Looking Inside

I See You Take the Road Less Traveled
Because of Your Convictions
And You Find the Positive
In the Valley of Confusion
Your Heart Is Much More Valuable
Than a Diamond Ring
So Don't Hide It Let It Glow

You Are the Light of the World
Your Are the Salt of the Earth

You Have the Answers to Eternal Questions
You Hold the Keys
That the Lost Are Searching For
In Your Eyes I See a Visión of the Future
I See the World and I Smile

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