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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Evil Dwells Out There

Trapped in a cold dark place
Only with my demonic desires
In a land where the death are free
And the evil dwells out there!

Open the book of the death
Pray for the gods for the real truth
An older entity which came from the past
To recover, rule and reign from his throne!

Look at the old and mythic figure
Symbol of the ancient gods
Underground legends of a past world
That we can not deny!

[ Lead: Gómez ]
[ Lead: Trillo ]

A great kingdom of unknown life comes
Pray to the sky for benevolence
The evil book show us the path
It is the key to the gate!

It is not a nightmare! It's a gate to darkness!
Nameless blasphemy with blood in the eyes!

I am his messenger in this fucked world
No false gods, no prayers, nothing will remain
He will reign again like in the past
In a land where evil could not be nomad!

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