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Excursions At The Pond

In the fall of 1982 we took an excursion too
Down to the muddy pond we flow
Taking with us our makeshift canoe
It was actually a kiddy pool
A great craft for three young fools
Who didn't need some tools
Just some luck and Johnny's drool
And little did we all know
Big Don tried to spoil the show
Complained about our clothes and so
We had to let our fine ship go
Excursions at the pond 1982
There we were at the stormy sea
Our sunken ship was resurrescted for the
children to see. Let me tell you a little
secret: Kiddie pools are not the most
desirable sailing vessels in the world, in
fact, they suck. At the 3 o'clock hour
our craft is tossing about so. But what are
we gonna do? Are we gonna swim to shore?
Impossible! Shore must be at least 10 to
15 feet away. All you can do is bear it,
lay back with you clothes covered in mud
Big Don complaining about it. What are you
gonna do? That's what I want to know. Who
do you think you are anyway, Johnny's drool?
A Las mates! Its over to the pond we sail
And you thought the Titanic was bad.

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