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Eye of the World

Time to open mind
You're def, jerk and blind
The empire is marching on
(The) reason doesn't matter
After all it's only human beings

And millions will die
Ambition or vanity?
Who knows but even so
Paltry allies will support his war

Believe in me
I'm the one who knows
If it's good for you, son
I'm the eye of the world
(you fucking eyes)

We're watching you
And what you make behind
Into our great big white hall
Like crows over your country
Waiting for you last breath
To get inside

Why don't you try?
A new world will come to me
We'll gonna free you soul, we'll gonna free your mind
Only if you can pay the price

It's hard to realize when you're in a coma
When you're awake in this dream nothing seems fair
You can buy a lot of things with your money
But money can't buy your freedom

You raise your head and hold your AK
But inside you know it makes no difference
The days on countdown to dispose you
What the fuck you can do?
Try to figure out

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