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Believe me when I say
that I've tried to understand
but something within me
just holds me back and says I can't

I'm fading, degrading
trapped inside this cycle hell
fighting, and hiding
a persisting lust that I must fill

Wanting to give you
all I can that's in my will
but inside it has rule
the more I grab the more I spill

Decided, divided
I cannot drop this burning coal
trusting, and lusting
competing sides strive for control

Falling torn by deceit, approaching self-defeat
the mental light that's hounding, pounding
I'm falling

A feeling of sadness
follows me with my mistakes
scarred in my conscience
haunting every move I make.

Alone, drifting miles apart
I'm found, with an empty heart
the sound, of peace is calling me
I wait, for a time of ease

Can't you see, that I am weak
can't you see, I'm falling.

Fuente: www.musicafusion.com

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