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Fault In The Design

Its not your fault.
Its a fault in the design.
Searching for an answer and the love you never find.
So much grace, yet so out of place...
When will you learn to let these moments go?

Its not the pain the hurts you.
Its the fear of feeling it again.
...and like a rope led out of darkness,
you fear the burn of climbing out too much to stand.
'Cause its the lack of light that keeps your eyes from
seeing that your hands will heal in time,
and pain might be the only thing to save you now.
So take this rope and make this climb and hold
your eyes up to the sky.
They can't tear you down anymore.
Your demons will all fall.
They can't tear you down anymore!

Its not your fault...
When will you learn?

Well you and I could scream to the shadows below
until they tire of our voices and fade away.
And you'll take each day a little higher than
before, with a spark inside you heart, and start
to grow.

Just remember:
This isn't a race against time.
In the end you'll be far behind.
You have to feel this out and remember to breathe

© 2004 Brendon Matthew Thomas

Fuente: www.musicafusion.com

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